What can I do to achieve unity?

I remember well a room full of people with a spiritual teacher in front of them. Speaking about the bliss that fills you when you enter the state of non-duality. From the back of the room, I watched him, and I didn’t understand a word of what he said. The only thing I remember of that meeting is that the teacher said he was a chair ;-) and the audience in a slightly different form repeated over and over again that one particular question: “What can I do to reach oneness?”

Do you want to know his answer? He said “Nothing”. What a cliché right, for the ego at least? And that’s just what it’s all about. If you want to come to the realisation of oneness, the ego must come to rest in the here and now. Right now, it is the gateway to the connection with yourSelf, consciousness that dwells in each of us. Shift your point of view to this level of consciousness and you look from the Self, from Unity. The answer to the question of how it can be reached: Stop doing, or better say: start ‘non-doing’. Which is something very different than doing nothing. Therefore I will clarify things in this article.

From the ego mode, from the personality that identifies with itself image, its ideas about the world and the life it lives, we are programmed with the illusion that we have control over ourselves and our lives. If you want to get anywhere you need to do something. There is thus a target pinned in the future and a plan of action to come from A to B. From this perspective we have no insight in a number of issues that will drop out of the unity perspective, namely:

Wanting to go somewhere else than to the here and now is a desire based on non-acceptance. The base is resistance and from resistance the ego is busy improving oneself and improving life. Improve what is not to be improved, because we do not understand that everything that is in your life right now is a projection of what energy is emitted from you. Here is your playing field, not there. ‘Doing’ something’ in this case means running away from something. Running away from the NOW. Obviously, because all forms of identification are shattered, the ego can’t be in the Now. Stop doing and relax in the Now, you will find that the very thing you were looking for was already present. In the Now there is peace, because you are peace.

The Now
is constantly
in motion
and is impossible
to check
or to summarise in concepts.

The ego is very busy in many ways. The whole day it’s busy interpreting, labelling and drawing conclusions about what it sees, thinks and feels. It makes you want to fix things that can’t be fixed. The Now is constantly changing and it’s impossible to control or apprehend in concepts. Doing nothing is such a concept. Some people think that the statements of these teachers mean they have to sit passively and wait until the bliss pours out on them. If you do this, you are still trying to “do” and by doing you run away from now, the connection with yourSELF and from Unity, in duality.

The ego also wants to seize, protect, try, learn, inspire and acclimatize. It’s always ‘doing’. And there’s nothing wrong with that! No, it is the nature of the ego and the nature of this reality. Because without an ego none of this would exist. There is nothing wrong with the ego … Only with the idea that you are this ego. This identification detaches when you stop “doing” and will contemplate how ‘things are done’ from the SELF.

You notice how there is a mechanism active in you that thinks you can control the now. And if you’re realising this, then you can move to the position of spectator. You become the beholder, the SELF, the source from which everything has already been accepted. With this shift you merge with this Self where duality is neutralised. This is where all the protection mechanisms and role patterns disappear that were based on the misconception that you are this personality. And so this will cause a change in you from which your projections change. Your projections tuned to and aligned with who you really are.

There is nothing that you can do than just behold… which makes you stop doing.
And yes, when the brightness of this insight comes to you then it’s uncontrollable. So there’s really nothing you can ‘do’. The Self rolls to yourself. ;-)))

6 thoughts on “What can I do to achieve unity?”

  1. I’m glad there are people who understand this. If I observe, I experience thoughts, feelings, a body that does something, a mind that wants to understand something etc. So I do not experience (yet) the Self. The self is what perceives, right? And what perceives can not perceive themselves. Phew. Ha, ha, I want to understand, oops. Now I’m going to understand this by observing? And now I realize that I want to make sure I realize what you have realized. Ok that’s what I’m still doing, so be it.

  2. You touch in a very pure way, the core of things Vera, its just super!
    Am very happy every time when I find your newsletter in my inbox and I’m looking forward to reading it!

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