Being ’together’ is a hot item for many people. This is something I come across often either in the form of living together or working together. An even more accurate description is wanting to live and work together. There is a big  need for ‘’together’’.

I would like to take you by the hand to another point of view. Within the united field we are all One. There is no together because we are already ONE. Suddenly we lose consciousness of being ONE and experience a dualistic world. Here there is a ‘’me’’ and an ‘’other’. We forget where we came from and feel separated from ourSelf.

I feel alone….I’m not strong or safe or capable enough to do it alone and I yurn for someone else to be together with. Someone who stands by me, who helps me, who gives me a steady foundation…..who makes me whole. Stories about twin souls and the common saying ’’the other half’’ all result from this-separation.

You are not the other half
of an other
You are here
to acknowledge
your wholeness
and to live.

You are not the other half of another. You are here to acknowledge your wholeness and to live. Saying ‘’I’m not whole’’ is exactly where the misconception arises. We want to fill up this misconception. We search for a FORM in the outside world to make the incompleteness we experience in ourselves whole again. This will of course never happen because if you look at the world from incompleteness you won’t find anything complete or whole. The fairy tale that that we can fully merge together is impossible to realise in the outside world, only if your inner world merges with itself is this possible. There was never a parting between the masculine and feminine human being, but a parting between the masculine and feminine energy withIN you. Between the ego and the heart. Both of these want to merge together so that your perspective once again becomes whole. Only then will you realise that you don’t need anyone or anything outside you to live to your fullest potential. Unless you are brought together by completeness.

What I mean is that there’s a big difference between social ties and partnerships which have come about because of the idea of inability and lack of security, and social ties and partnerships which have come together to support life and the deeper intentions of you as essence. This is the difference between Fear and Love. Fear and self-expression. Someone else can help you to uncover and express your potential, even play a part in revealing where your non-acceptance still slumbers, but will never be able to save you from the emptiness you experience because of the split with your true Self.

A big mistake people make is that they want to live or work together believing in their incompleteness, and therefore you make compromises to ensure that together you are complete. In other words you are only living half of what you are capable of and not yet in your full potential. If one person expresses and lives certain qualities, these will not be activated in the other person. Being ‘’together’’, or ’’we’’ is often an excuse so as not to live your true Self. Fear. There is no ‘’we’’ on a deeper level, in fact it’s all about each individual living their true Self.

But doesn’t this make life meagre?. I want to share with others is something that gets very romantized, If you feel bad, I want to feel bad too, If you’re happy, I’m happy. But really, feelings can’t be delt. Yes, you can express your feelings to another person, but you can never for 100% feel what the other person feels. Feelings can only be felt within yourself. You are always interacting with your Self. Via the other person you are playing the game with yourSelf. These interactions can be really enthralling, nurturing and loving. But are not intended to fill up your in-completeness. You are already whole and complete. By interacting with others you can experience that you are just this.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t do things together.  The form in which we interact with each other and the interaction itself can be serving for both. This is what in its entirety wants to be experienced and be manifested by you both. In fact you don’t do anything for yourSelf but always for the field of unity. But the way you play your part within this unity is from yourSelf. That’s why I’d like to take you out of being fearful to just Being; where in complete freedom interactions begin. This is where you can be together just as long as the role you play is still serving both of you. If playing that role is done with, then It’s done with. Through the eyes of Self you can both respect the fact that the time has arrived to break the form in which you have temporarily interacted with each other. The connection between you is still there, because we are all ONE but the form doesn’t match any more, or is either too restrictive or just no longer needed. At that point you can follow your own path in freedom. Being ‘’together’’, the ’we’ is serving to you and not the other way around. The goal is not ’’together’’, the goal is your complete Self-expression.

The other is an equal participator, and is not your saviour.

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