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Thought leader

"Some people come to earth with a very clear purpose. I'm one of them. As a child I was allready very stubborn about following the path I felt was important. I investigated, experimented and above all, I observed. Untill I was in my late teens I didn't spoke, I just observed people, which I thought were peculiar creatures with likewise behaviours... thinking to myself: 'Why do they do what they do and say what they say, because there feels a huge gap between how they act and how they feel to me' scanning them with my paranormal capacities. 

Observing and puzzling about what I saw, checking all of it internally and structure it with an above average high IQ resulted in being a thought leader at the subject 'human inner & outer world'."

- Vera Helleman -


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Emotion Expertise Centre

the 8 groups of our emotional guidance system

What became an EmotionCoach education institute started with structuring our emotions into 8 separate groups. These groups contain positive as well as negative emotions and each group represents a life theme. Every emotion guides us though their corresponding life theme. A bundle of 350 emotions are described in 'the encyclopedia of emotions' and contains 8 chapters.

  • emotion group love - our natural state of being
  • emotion group joy - our purpose
  • emotion group aversion - our energy management
  • emotion group shame/guilt - our frames of reference
  • emotion group fear - our dualistic reality
  • emotion group sadness - our self-healing ability
  • emotion group surprise - our mind power
  • emotion group anger - our reservoir of strength

In the very near future Vera will set up the trainings in English as well!

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The power of autism

the 3 pillars of the constitution of people with autism

Vera came up with a new explanatory model for people with autism which isn't based on behaviour but on the fundamentals of their constitution, their wiring. She divided 3 pillars which describe the feeling, being and thinking of the autistic individual. These are described in the book 'The power of autism' In her monthly teachings at she teaches you with autism to coach yourself through subjects related to:

  • Hypersensitivity - An extremely high sensitivity, especially in the subtler layers
  • The lack of I-reference - The lack of a conceptual I to move to and refer to then and later
  • Thinking according to natural laws - A logical insight that is based on natural laws instead of social rule
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The new natural

a 6 step roadmap to our future society

For this project Vera structured a 6 step developmental path about how to create a society in which we harmoniously live with everything around us. This path is explained through symbols with additional monthly teachings. Every symbol contains in depth information about the fundamentals of creation.

  • step 1 - Recognizing the three forces of creation.
  • step 2 - To fuse with your inner Self and awaken into oneness. (see the book 'effortlessly being yourSelf')
  • step 3 - Understanding the wheel of rebirth and role of projections.
  • step 4 - Developing future human capacities such as psychic abilities.
  • step 5 - Collaborating with the universal forces of creation with full responsibility.
  • step 6 - Building your part of our future society
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"It has been my lifelong fascination to investigate why people say what they say and do what they do ... because it seemed so illogical"

Vera provides trainingsessions in collaboration with the Emotion Expertise Centre

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The Emotion Expertise Centre has the objective of transferring knowledge and insight about the meaning of, message, functioning of and dealing with emotions.
We strive to get emotions back to the positive attention they deserve, so that people can function in balance with themselves and their environment.

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