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The Meaning of Life… being in alignment with your inner Self

Excellence Reporter: Vera, what is the meaning of life?

Vera Helleman: This is a question that people ponder about when the primary necessities of life are fulfilled and an itching feeling says: ‘what now?’… ‘how do I make my life meaningful?’. There is an inner longing in each one of us that wants to be appealed to. But what we first need to understand is that there is no bigger meaning of life than life itself!  

Imagine we all together are one white lighted all-embracing energy which is always in perfect still harmony… That is pretty boring. So we started dreaming of these places and times and things. And they became so vivid that it became a new reality. We call it life. In this reality we can create! We can create all this little pieces of ourself to play out all different kinds of ourself that we would like to experience. Wow. Awesome! We can experience ourselves as physical beings and project ourself onto others. That is meaningful in itself because every part of life is in you to serve a complete human experience in a three dimensional creative room.

Coming back to the primary question. Instead of asking what is the meaning of life we could better phrase it as: ‘what is your meaning of life?’ Because your meaning of life is what it means to you. This inner longing to live your life fully is because everything in life is constantly expanding. Expansion. Growth. Self-expression. That drives us all. Not as a joint goal or a purpose but as an inevitable fact. Which form we choose for that is totally up to us. But please note: We will get the most fulfillment out of our lives when we choose to express ourselves in forms that fit our inner being. Don’t get scared though of not fulfilling your purpose. We cannot do differently than going with our flow or become very unhappy asking ourselves… ‘what is the meaning of life’….

The meaning of life is expressing yourself in this world of form in shapes that are in perfect alignment with your inner Self.


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