Personality Test


Do you ever experience disinterest?

Have you ever been happy?

Do you ever feel torn apart?

Do you ever feel inferior to others?

Are you ever grateful for what life offers you?

Do you ever feel vengeful towards someone?

Do you ever feel stressed?

Do you ever have feelings of self-rejection?

Are you ever proud of yourself?

Do you ever feel challenged by something or someone?

Do you sometimes feel paralyzed by a situation?

Do you ever feel angry?

Do you ever feel greed?

Do you ever feel superior to others?

Do you ever feel unsave?

Do you ever get a knot in your stomach about something?

Do you experience moments of sky-high euphoria?

Do you often feel nervous?

Are you ever obsessively busy with something

Do you ever have doubts?

Do you ever feel gloomy?

Do you easily get emotional with news, movies or other people's stories?

Are you ever strongly passionat about something?

Do you ever experience boredom in your daily life, relationship, work, etc.?

Do you ever feel disconnected from yourself and others?

Do you ever feel unsure of yourself? ("I cannot do that")

Do you ever feel surprised or even bewildered by something?

Do you ever feel emotionally tired?

Do you ever experience a strong desire for something or someone?

Do you ever feel disappointed? (things turned out differently than you expected)

Do you ever experience a feeling of mourning, despite the fact that perhaps no one has died?

Do you ever feel fully alive?

Are you ever feel disgust about something or someone in your environment?

Do you ever feel very open and receptive toward the world around your?

Do you have a strong sense of responsibility towards yourself and others?

Do you ever experience strong decisiveness?

Are you ever jealous?

Do you ever consciously experience a feeling of resignation? (like an inner sigh)

Do you experience days in which you have the feeling of crying inside during the day?

Do you experience moments of sincere enjoyment?

Do you ever feel afraid? Are you often scared?

Do you ever drown in self-pity?

Do you ever feel fulfilled by the things you do?

Do you ever feel manipulated by someone?

Do you ever feel desperate? (not knowing what to do)

Do you often feel surprised/astonished by what you attract in your life?

Are you ever overenthusiastic and overflowing with joy?

Do you ever experience a feeling of laziness? (don't feel like doing anything)

Do you sometimes feel shocked by unexpected turns of events?

Do you ever experience lust?

Do you ever feel offended?

Do you ever feel homesick for a who, what, where or when?

Do you sometimes feel that you are not being seen by others?

Are you ever sad?

Do you ever feel irritated?

Do you ever feel inspired?

Are you ever in panic?

Do you ever feel your fighting spirit? (for or against something)

Are you ever curious about something or someone?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed?

Do you ever feel confusion?

Do you ever experience a sense of futility about what you do?

Do you ever feel ashamed? Of yourself or about something that you have (not) done.

Do you ever feel a need to be alert?


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"It has been my lifelong fascination to investigate why people say what they say and do what they do ... because it seemed so illogical"

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The Emotion Expertise Centre has the objective of transferring knowledge and insight about the meaning of, message, functioning of and dealing with emotions.
We strive to get emotions back to the positive attention they deserve, so that people can function in balance with themselves and their environment.

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