What others say about Vera

Dear Vera, thank you for the words you choose with such simplicity, playfulness and Love. With your writings you make the concept of spirituality real and accessible to all. This is especially valuable to me as I was surrounded by people in my life who just didn’t accept spirituality, condemning it as nonsense. The clarity of your words helped a lot.”

– ex course taker

Your strength is being able to bring people, including myself back into the here and now,  to feel that love is always here in whatever story you’re playing in. You do this unconditionally with total devotion. It makes the path back home so simple. Thank you beautiful woman!”

– Saryo van Lakerveld

“Ik you ask me to exact reason why I fell off my high chair at the end of may, then this is the reason; stopping with mucking around was number 1 on my list, but the moment I felt the connection with you all the ice just melted. That’s your greatest strength right there.”

– Walter

You speak about reality and how the story in this film works, you supply the keys to how it all fits together. That means that you know the master designer, and knowing the master designer is the beginning of all wisdom. The more insight we have and by letting go, creates a space for the master designer to Be our life.”

– a passer by

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Hvad kan jeg gøre for at nå Helhed?

Jeg husker tydeligt et rum fuld af mennesker, og en lærer foran det. Han talte om lykken ved nondualitet. Jeg iagttog ham fra bagest i ​​rummet og forstod ikke et ord, han sagde. Det eneste, jeg kan huske, er, at han sagde, at han var en stol, og at publikum altid stillede det samme spørgsmål […]

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Awakened by

by Cindy van den Heuvel of Awakened by Touched… In a busy Djoj in Rotterdam, I climb the stairs to the room where Vera Helleman presents her “Conscious Being-game”. And I’m curious, curious to what this night will bring. An evening with Vera fact doesn’t occur according to fixed rules or planning. An evening with Vera is […]

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In the first awakening

It has often surprised me, in my contact with people, how many of them already feel reluctant when awakening in the morning. Reluctance to the life that is waiting for them… In the morning, when awakening, you wake up in the dream of this reality. It’s a moment in which infinite consciousness centres in a […]

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Dealing with life

It’s not really life that we have a problem with, but being human in this life.

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