Neutralize dramas and internatlize desires – April 2014


A warm welcome to the here and now!

Maybe you also notice that words actually fail to describe where you are now and what is changing. Together we all step away from our attachment to concepts, labels and interpretations. Hooray!

If you see through the ego radically and no longer take the stories factory seriously there is freedom! Still, I want to point out that it will be useful to take a deeper look at what story you believe. I see many people nowadays struggling at the moment with persistent recurring stories that go two ways. There is fear, anger or sadness that they fight OR we chase after desires. Both have their starting point in you and want to return to you and transform you.

Do you want to neutralise these thoughts of fear, anger and sadness: Is what catches you true? Can you ever be sure? And what is left when you take off the ‘mine- and yours-label?

The source of the desired wants to internalise: What is it that you hope to gain? How does that feel? And how come you can feel now, when you thought you lacked it? Right! It is in you!

Is there space again, is what prevented your natural expansion gone, then life can unfold in forms that fit your true self.

The next month some previously sown seeds will grow their heads above ground and in the meantime we give other seeds some time, water and heat until they begin to see the light ;-). You will read everything about it in this newsletter.

Hope to see you soon.








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One Response to “Neutralize dramas and internatlize desires – April 2014”

  1. Philip Gortemaker 28 April, 2014 08:47 #

    What a beautifull story Vera,

    The theme is very topical these days. I notice that if you leave out the person(s) who plays the role in the story, you just feel the energy. From non-duality-perspective you can let it free and then the energy can drift away.
    We continue sowing and weeding our gardens!

    (garden therapist)

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