The Meaning of Life… being in alignment with your inner Self

By Vera Helleman | 15 August, 2019

BY EXCELLENCE REPORTER ON AUGUST 15, 2019 Excellence Reporter: Vera, what is the meaning of life? Vera Helleman: This is a question that people ponder about when the primary necessities of life are fulfilled and an itching feeling says: ‘what now?’… ‘how do I make my life meaningful?’. There is an inner longing in each one of us that wants […]

Interview with Rick Archer – Buddha at the Gas Pump

By Vera Helleman | 13 December, 2016

In this video Rick Archer and Vera are talking about non-duality. She answers a few question of listeners and tells about her book ‘Effortlessly being yourSelf’  

The scientific and medical network review – december 2015

By Vera Helleman | 2 December, 2015

The scientific and medical network Review – december 2015 Three levels of awakening I visited a party a few years ago where I witnessed a conversation between two sisters. One sister let slip her claim to be enlightened, whereupon the other sister raised her eyebrows and reacted with: “You?! Enlightened?!” and emphasised her judgment with […]

"It has been my lifelong fascination to investigate why people say what they say and do what they do ... because it seemed so illogical"

Vera provides trainingsessions in collaboration with the Emotion Expertise Centre

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The Emotion Expertise Centre has the objective of transferring knowledge and insight about the meaning of, message, functioning of and dealing with emotions.
We strive to get emotions back to the positive attention they deserve, so that people can function in balance with themselves and their environment.

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