The flow of life – may 2014

‘Follow the flow of life’ is a term that is pretty hip these days, but what does it really mean? How do you know what to follow? You don’t know. It’s unknowable. It is what it IS .
And (oh) my, how do you follow it? You do not! It will ;) whether you like it or not .
The way you follow life’s flow is to take away the brake and stop sabotaging it. Life is an enormous primal force that flows through everyone of us. Because we are all connected to each other, the flow of life is the common denominator of, what we as a collective unity decide on deeper levels, every moment anew.

The motivations of these levels aren’t ego-motivations. They are evolutionairy motivatioins. Life-experimenting motivations. But there are no right/wrong motivations. You are of service to this unity, it never was about you as a person.

To follow the flow of life is to open your eyes to you being a servile pawn to the game of Consciousness (call it god if you wish), of your Self. That flow is the remarkable mystery of creation. And creation is manifested as love.

When you no longer sabotage this flow with limiting beliefs, you will experience the wonder and intensity of this mystery wich is being lived through you.

Translating my website into English went in a total flow. Ofcourse I sometimes feel tense about it, when suddenly my world is expanding about twelve times. But life is alway much more kind than the rights and wrongs you think about it. So let’s not make it more complicated and trust this flow of life and let it bear you.




Vera went European ;)

The English website is finally online with the associated English Facebookpage. In November I will bring a visit to London and Kopenhagen. But before I will launch a webinar where offcourse you are more than welcome at.



Online course ENG 2

Online course translated

In The Netherlands (one of the smallest countries of the world), this online course already deserved its succes. In one year 800 people participated in it. There is a mysterious attraction on this script. Now it is available in English and Danish also!
We are starting all over the world with a new group on 15th November. What a huge energetic field that will cause! Please visit the website for more information




Recently we recorded a serie of English speaking video’s. This is the first one, fresh from the press, in wich Vera explain two difficult projections: resistance and longing.




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