Frequently asked questions

Does Vera give private sessions?

Unfortunately Vera doesn’t give private sessions any more. If you want to ask something personal, you can ask your question:

  1. During a gathering
  2. During a live webinar
  3. On the forum of the online course
  4. or by email with the ‘personal feedback ticket

Downloadinstructions for mp3-downloads

You’ll receive downloads in your e-mail:

When you buy a download on this website, you receive an e-mail in wich the downloads a underlined. When you click on it, you will see an player on your screen with which you can play the audiofile of the file will automatically be downloaded, depending on the device on which you are working..

You will listen to the files streaming if they are played on a tablet or smartphone. That means it uses your Internet connection and the file will remain online. Is there a hitch in your internet connection it’s possible that the file stops and starts all over again. Wait then a few seconds until your connection is stable, or download the files on a desktop computer and transfer them to your tablet or smartphone.

Then, in most cases, the files will be automatically downloaded when you click on the underlined link. If you get a player on the screen, you have to move your mouse over the player counter and click your right mouse button. Then you choose ‘video url save as’, and it will save the file to the destination you choose.


When you received no e-mail:

When you don’t receive and e-mail after you paid it maybe possible the e-mail got in your spamfilter. Especially with hotmail adresses this sometimes happens. Check this first please.
If it’s not in there, please sent an e-mail to, then we will look at what went wrong and fix it for you.

Listening on you computer:

When you open the folder ‘downloads’ through your pathfinder, you will see a mp3 file under the name of your purchase. If you dubbleclick on it, your computer will play the audiofiles.

Listening on your mobile phone or mp3-player:

You will have to upload the files from your computer to your mobile phone or mp3-player to listen it on it. Some players of phones have a folderstructure, so you can move the files through your pathfinder. Do you have an iphone of ipod, you will have to do this with itunes. From itunes you can add the file from your donwloadsmap to your library and then synchronize it.

When you received the e-mail on  your mobile phone you can listen it immediataly, but realize that you will use datatraffic every time you play it again, because you are online while listening.

Burn it on a CD and listening it on your CD-player:

option 1.
Most recent CD-players, also in cars, can play mp3-files. Do you want to burn it on CD, you have to go to the folder ‘downloads’ and drag the files to you Dvd-rw-station (probably E:). Then you put a CD in your computer. Through your pathfinder you will find the files on the Dvd-rw-station. At the top you will see the text:’burn’, with this you can burn the files on the CD.

Option 2:
Do you have a CD-player wich cannot play mp3-files you can convert the files to WAV-files on this website: This is the filetype your CD-player can read. You save them in the same folder and follow the instructions under option 1.

Option 3:
Another way to burn the files on CD is with itunes. Through ‘file’ you can add files to your library. Then you can add a playlist and put these files in it. Then you use the right button on your mouse and choose ‘burn playlist to disk). Then a field appears in wich you can choose ‘Audio-CD’ of ‘Mp3-CD’. You choose ‘Audio-CD’ and itunes will convert the files to a readable CD for your CD-player.



Inloginstructions for the online course


  • You log into the upper left black bar on “Login / My Account‘ with the username and password you created yourself during your registration or previously created account. You see a history of your orders. (If you do not remember your password, you can click on ‘forgot password’ and get a new one)
  • Then you go to the learning environment ‘for participants’ in the black bar at the top or on your tablet of smartphone through the tab ‘online course’ -> ‘for participants

The forum is linked to your account and you have direct access to the forum. You can find it in the right sidebar next to the lessons.

If you still cannot log in? Mail to


Possible Problems

  • I get an error page “Not found”

That can mean:

  • That you (still) are not logged in, please do so at the top left bar through login / my account
  • Or something went wrong during your registration. (payment may have not succeeded), in that case give us an email: then we can look into it and fix it.


  •  I get the message ‘incorrect username or password ‘


Use the username and password you created during your registration, and you yourself have received from WordPress. If you don’t have the correct login codes, click on “Forgot Password” and enter your email address.
You will receive an email throughwhich you can change your password and can log in again.


  • I want to log on an iphone or ipad, but I can not access the site.

You need to make an adjustment in your settings … go to: Settings Safari (or any other browser you use) Cookie Blocking -> Never

  • I get a white screen with error on top.

This may indicate that the environment of Worpress  had too much to process because of received commands. Wait in this case just ten minutes and then try again.


  • I get the error “You have not acces to this page”

If you have incorrectly logged four times you were denied a half-hour access to the website. This is to prevent hackers and robots to login. Try it after half an hour again. Or ask us first a correct username and password.

  • I get the message “Forbidden” on my screen.

It may be that you want on the learning environment at work and find this page. Regularly, it is so that the employer there have put on, because to avoid. Private implementation of a stop-time So try it again at home. Wrestle you still? Mail to

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