Some people would rather lose them then use them. We get stuck by emotions, end up in an emotional spiral or obsessively grab things that will provide us more good feeling to surpress the negative ones. It's about time we learn that emotions are a profound tools we got to use to navigate through life.

Emotions guide us through life, they protect us, push us over barriers and give us feedback about thoughts in which we have been swallowed. Yet you are the one who needs to learn to use this tool. Ands that is what we offer.

Vera Helleman came up with a new vision about our emotions and a coaching method that became pretty succesfull. This vision is rooted in a deep understanding of life and the natural laws this reality is based on.

The 8 EmotionGroups

Our emotional navigation system is an advanced system that guides us on our path of life. Every emotion group navigates us through different facets of life. They are based on natural laws that all represent a piece of creation and therefore a certain theme of life. Living themes in which we are encouraged to act, passively or actively, by emotions, but also themes in which we can get stuck and emotions indicate what we need, as a mouthpiece of our self-healing capacity. These 8 themes together form the whole of creation. Because they came from deep insight into how the world of creation works and therefore contain the natural logic and thereby indicate direction, people experience the method as liberating. Our emotional navigation system is therefore a tool that is worthy of 'polishing'.

The 8 EmotionGroups
that we differentiate are:

  • LOVE
  • JOY
  • FEAR

“It is so simple, why has no one ever thought of this before?”


What is EmotionCoaching?

EmotionCoaching is a fast form of coaching in which the client's emotional navigation system determines the direction of the conversation. Emotions are therefor diagnostic tools. The EmotionCoach acts as a translator of what your inner world says you need.
This way we give you an extra push in the direction that your natural development has already taken. So you decide when you need a little push, your emotions determine what you need and the EmotionCoach brings it to your consciousness for a more effective process.


Want to become an EmotionCoach yourself?

The training for Emotion Coach is ment for those who are fascinated by the language of emotions and would like to work with this in their current job as a social worker or own practice. Or for those who want to master their own lives. They can follow Cluster A.

Read more about the EmotionCoach training on the website of Emotion Expertise Centre or go directly to the Englise courses below.
The training consists of 2 clusters (A1-10 and B1-6)

Take Our Personality Test And Discover Your Qualities And Pitfalls

The emotions we experience give us feedback and direction in our lives, but they also tell a lot about our character. One person will experience very different emotions then some other person and therefor give different reactions than the other one. This depends on his or her personality and the beliefs that he or she has built up as a result of ones character. In this test we will determine the strengths and pitfalls of your personality based on the emotions that you regularly experience in your life.

You will we questioned about a number of emotions which refere to the 8 different EmotionGroups, both positive and negative. We invite you to indicate whether you ever experience each emotion. Be as honest as possible, even if you come across an emotion that you would rather not admit experiencing ones in a while. Every negative emotion related to a specific EmotionGroup also has positive potential.

After filling in the test you will receive a description of your potential and the challenges of your character.

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"It has been my lifelong fascination to investigate why people say what they say and do what they do ... because it seemed so illogical"

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The Emotion Expertise Centre has the objective of transferring knowledge and insight about the meaning of, message, functioning of and dealing with emotions.
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