Dealing with difficult emotions

In this audiofile Vera explains how we can deal with emotions in another way. A way in wich we no longer sustain this emotion AND in wich it is transformed simultaneously. Dissolving back in the Source.

2 Responses to “Dealing with difficult emotions”

  1. Frank van den Berg 23 August, 2013 12:17 #

    Hi Vera,

    I find these videos and audios very nice. They are interesting, engaging and inspiring. They also have a liberating effect on me (you bring a memory to life)!

    Thank you very much!


  2. Maruska Prikaska 17 March, 2013 12:29 #

    Vera, this is divine!! So simple and so intens freeing! Now, I feel that I’m not only be able to handle the difficult emotions, but also are able to let the infinite energy moving through me. I almost want to challenge life, the great illusory miracle, to try, to cherish with knowing deep in my heart, that duality I’m always safe, whatever may be our circomstances WOW! Thank you, Love Maruska.

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