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Effortlessly being yourSelf

Awakening in a new consciousness’ perspective  Effortlessly Being yourSelf Is a book that takes you step by step back to your natural state of being, in which life is no longer about securing the safety of your identity, struggling with nasty feelings and grabbing what you think will make you happy. This book is about […]

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Day 2 – Identification

Straight to the chase, to the source. Our reality is based on the experience of separation due to the fact that we are not conscious of the true nature of the ego. The nature of the human mind is egoist. From a very early age, we are already defining who we are. We define our […]

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Day 1 – Self inquiry

Today we’re going to make a start with our Self inquiry. Every human being feels the pull of the Self. We’ve been programmed to feel the urge to seek ourSelf, which is the same as the search for Love and happiness. This is the true nature of Self; we are all searching for Love and […]

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