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The scientific and medical network review – december 2015

The scientific and medical network Review – december 2015 Three levels of awakening I visited a party a few years ago where I witnessed a conversation between two sisters. One sister let slip her claim to be enlightened, whereupon the other sister raised her eyebrows and reacted with: “You?! Enlightened?!” and emphasised her judgment with […]

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A letter to a child

Dear child of God, I would like you to know and always remember how welcome you are here on this earth and in my heart. I’m very grateful that you came under my care and I promise to cherish you even if life challenges our relationship. I know I don’t own you but may accompany […]

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Being ’together’ is a hot item for many people. This is something I come across often either in the form of living together or working together. An even more accurate description is wanting to live and work together. There is a big  need for ‘’together’’. I would like to take you by the hand to […]

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The obsession of the ego: addiction

When people hear the word ’addiction’ they immediately think of; drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, porn or that sort of thing. But being addicted to food, watching TV; the smart phone, face book, love, spending money, sport, spiritual shopping……..think of a couple more, are all forms of addiction. We all have a tendency to look for distractions […]

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