About Vera

  • Would you like to introduce yourself to us?

This is an interesting question because what is ’yourSelf’ exactly? In common language this means: describe your personality. Nevertheless, I see the yourSelf as being bigger than that. As essence, I have come forth out of Consciousness. Before I came here I agreed on using this manifestation ‘’Vera’’ to stand at the gate of a new paradigm, a new era of change. A collective change to another state of Being and another way of living. No longer subjected to and influenced by conditioning or old pain(ego), but with total, natural, effortlessness and pleasure to be yourSelf. Radiant and free!

  • Were you conscious of this agreement as the person Vera?

No, when the time was right it happened and I have, as the person Vera often marvelled at how everything unfolded. First I had to go through a whole scale of human experiences before I came to recognise this. ‘I’ devoured 10 homes, 20 men, 30 workshops, schools, jobs and different hobby’s. I lived and squeezed 90 years in 30 but couldn’t find fulfilment in anything I sought.

That was until I found the key to inner freedom and began to understand that searching outside myself was the cause of my misery. I realised that what I was looking for had always been here and that everything was based on one big lie: ‘’I believe that the image I identify myself with is not good enough’’. I saw through this and discovered who I really am and with which intention I had created this manifestation.

  • What makes you stand out and what is unique about you?

If you believe that everyone is unique in his or her own way then what makes ‘’Vera’’ unique is that I am totally and effortlessly myself (chuckles). But the funny part of it is that I first had to ask people for their feedback on what it was that touches them about me. I only got the clue when I realised I got the same answer every time and that not everyone was the same as me, which I had always thought they were. I can remember how keen the essence that I am chose the person ‘’Vera’’ to fulfil this role. I experience that people easily open their hearts in my presence. This seems to be quite unique and is partly energetic transfer and partly that I am able to point people to where its murky in their connection to theirSelf. If this becomes visible and all the ego murkiness can relax then the hart opens again. I see and feel where the energy blockages are because I have paranormal abilities which are very handy for this role (ha ha). I only use them for this! I don’t predict the future or anything like that because that doesn’t help anyone.  What probably is even more unique about my ‘’way of doing things’’ is that I don’t follow any ‘’way’’. What I give is not bound to manners, concept or methods.

Yes, and apart from that I have a soft, warm and loving personality. I try my best to make everything accessible for people. My energy frequency and alignment to the united field  is very pure, high and fine-tuned (whichever way you want to call it) enabling me to seek help from non-physical energy fields with a very light and non-dualistic emission. The personality Vera, steps aside to let consciousness speak through her. Therefore, it surprises me every time again what comes out of my mouth and what is acted on at that moment.

  • Do you enjoy your work? What gives you pleasure?

Yesss!, I love my work because it doesn’t really feel like work. Even though I make an income out of it, I can also be myself for 100% while doing it. When you do that, what you have come here to do you feel automatically happy and fulfilled. This is the way in which you; Essence, navigates the personal manifestation. When you are completely yourSelf then you are happy, enthusiastic and automatically exactly that, what for everyone in question is most serving.

I love the real contact with other people. It’s so enjoyable to be a witness to what emerges when someone opens their heart and their true Self appears. This is so unbelievably beautiful. Nothing is more beautiful than a human being who is completely theirSelf. This is·         what gives me the most fulfilment.

  • You have four children and a busy company….can you combine   this with spirituality?

Hahaha of course I can! You really do not have to sit on top of a mountain to become free you know! We’re living in a western society in the twenty first century, spirituality is Here and freedom is NOW. What you truly are is not dependent of any form. My children are my best spiritual teachers. What I’m talking about is to wake up IN the dream. Only then, the circumstances will match the energy and that’s why my life is really happy, loving and dynamic to say the least. This is what my essence Is. I would be really bored on a hilltop!

  • How has your own spiritual quest unfolded?

Even though I grew up in separation and made my self a prisoner of my mind, I never lost the connection with my essence. I always felt  ‘’where’’ I came from, as I knew that freedom and happiness really existed, which was the reason why I kept on searching for it. I first had to investigate all sorts of other things before I met teachers who taught non-dualism. Once this is awakened in you, there is no going back. However I did have important realizations on my journey

2 Responses to “About Vera”

  1. Eddie Modde 2 September, 2013 12:26

    You are sounding more and more like Jeff Foster
    Thanks for the reminders

  2. Edwin 25 May, 2013 13:20

    Dear Vera,
    I want to share with you how special it is what you are doing for me. I have never in my life experienced / authorized someone to admire or to be grateful for or saw as a source of inspiration. But what you do feels like a dream to me. Doing what you do the way you do it, I really think that’s absolutely amazing! The unconditional love and pleasure with which you do it is wonderful to experience!
    Love, Edwin