A letter to a child

Dear child of God,

I would like you to know and always remember how welcome you are here on this earth and in my heart. I’m very grateful that you came under my care and I promise to cherish you even if life challenges our relationship. I know I don’t own you but may accompany you on your journey through life for a certain period of time, as long as it is of service to both of us. I know we are equal at the level of heart and will equally mirror one another at the level of mind, because we love each other.

I see you as an untouched pearl which invites me to treasure you always and always. This will be my main focus in raising you. I will never outvote or undermine your inner guidance system with self-limiting rules. I hope that every time I look into your eyes I will remember this promise, even if I’m filled with rage or you are feeling resentment towards me.

I promise to respect every step you may take in life because I know you listen to your inner navigator. However I will correct you and try to guide you back to yourself if I notice you give the rudder to your ego and act from fear or greed because I know, my lovely child, that is not what you came for when you entered this reality.

I promise you that I will always try to bring out the best in you and preserve your uniqueness.

I wish that all of your intentions may flourish into forms that suit them best.

I wish you will feel no limits in expressing yourself in ways that make you most happy because you know that following the lead of what makes you happy is the one and only way to honour the true being that you are.

I wish, dear child, that you will never forget your essence, but if you do, I promise you I will not forget who you truly are and I will try to help you to remember.

I wish, beautiful marvel, that you may rise to and mature in being human and enjoy this vehicle.

I wish you will see through the limits of time and space and therefore can joyfully and totally experience them without feeling a victim of those limits.


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1 thought on “A letter to a child”

  1. What a beautiful open letter ❤️

    I have recently come across you and am reading your book. I truly want to thank you for making an effort to share your experience and guidance in English.

    Thank you xxx

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